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Learning about the new language provides a new perspective about the country and its culture. The Hebrew Language is best known for its rich historical and religious culture steeped from within. This holy language is still being spoken by Jews and Israelis. It has undergone various changes through the years because of people migrating to new land with foreign languages immerging and capturing this traditional language.

In ancient times the Hebrew language was used only for reciting prayers to their Almighty God since it was considered a holy language. But as time passed by Hebrew was used in everyday conversation and even as a medium of exquisite literature. The Biblical patriarchs used this rich language for writing the world’s most read holy book – the Bible. The exotic alphabet in the Hebrew language was introduced to the Israelis in the first century BC. This is still the alphabet which is used today and it consists of 22 consonants (view Hebrew alphabet). The letters underwent slight changes in the eighth century according to indications that are made in the pronounced vowels. This is shown in words in the form of certain dashes and dots which are written above and below the consonants.
You can benefit more from the pictorial and visual word references that help in understanding the various words easy. Learning the Hebrew language is the most prestigious thing that a person could experience!

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