The spread of English, French and Spanish languages through colonization had a negative effect on native languages spoken since millennia and these gradually died out or are near extinct today. One would have thought Hebrew and Aramaic, two of the oldest surviving languages would go the same way.

Israel and the Jewish diaspora have kept the flames of Hebrew alive and burning. It is even possible to learn Hebrew through online sites offering free Hebrew courses. Modern Hebrew is the official language of the country (along with Arabic) whereas classical Hebrew is used more for study and prayers. If one intends to visit the Holy Land either for pilgrimage purposes or for business, a working knowledge of Modern Hebrew comes in useful. A better way to learn the language is to stay in Israel and be imbued with the culture and traditions in order to gain a better understanding.

ESL Language School promotes language studies abroad and mixes in a healthy dose of tourism along with learning to make the stay an enriching experience. Learn language in ESL partner schools located across the world if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the mores and traditions that underpin a language. While one can learn Hebrew in an ESL partner language school in Israel, the most sought after languages are undoubtedly English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. ESL’s partner language schools dotted across Europe offer a variety of courses in these languages. What gives ESL an edge is its courseware. Courseware in each of its partner schools is highly structured. There are standard and intensive courses, combined courses, courses for business executives and courses that combine art, music and history. Then again each course starts at a beginner’s level and goes on right to a proficiency level where the student speaks as well as native speakers do.

If you wish to learn language in ESL Language Schools, one can choose specific programmes for adults, youth and for those over 50, with courseware tailored suitably to match the age group. Those over 50 may be more interested in learning French, German or Spanish in order to appreciate the culture of the places they are visiting. ESL arranges delightful host family arrangements for a comprehensive learning experience. Of course students can choose to live in hostels or shared apartments or on their own in hotels in a flexible arrangement. Youngsters get to have a splendid summer vacation learning German or French in ESL partner schools located in France, Germany and Switzerland. At the same time, they have a wonderful fun time exploring the city, taking part in sports activities and in cultural activities all designed around polishing their conversational abilities. Adults may have a different, mainly career oriented aim in learning foreign languages. There are custom courses to help them learn language in ESL partner schools that will further their business or career objectives while having a relaxed vacation. It is this detailed attention to customization that has made ESL and its courses so popular and successful throughout the world.