When learning a new language online, especially Hebrew, it’s important to get your facts straight before you dive in. Hebrew Language Guide are here to help you out, provide you with lots of information, about learning languages online, but most importantly Hebrew.

1. Question – Why should I learn Hebrew Online? What is better about learning a language online, when I could take an Ulpan, or take a class, or read a book?

Answer – Learning Online is something that has been around for years, only more recently has languages become somewhat of a trend. With all kinds of different ways to learn something new online, you have lots of different formats to choose from.

For Hebrew, you need someone to guide you along the way, an expert, authentic, who knows the language inside out, a native speaker, creating a program and information which you can rely on, confident that you are using the correct terms and phrases. Hebrew Language Guide is designed especially for this, it is easily accessible in a layout that is easy to access.

If you chose to attend an Ulpan, in Israel , which is a great way to learn hebrew, but it isn’t for everyone. Hebrew Language Guide, lets you move along at your own level, at your own pace , in whatever time frame suits you best, at the level you require.


2. Question – What does Hebrew Language Guide offer , that other hebrew language sites do not have?

Answer – Our theory is a very direct and basic guide on learning hebrew online, very much to the point, and we created it with our readers in mind. Whilst other online learning guides have a specific visitor in mind, we keep our content focusing on all different levels, with different aspects to keep you interested such as Hebrew fonts and apps that will help you out too. We aren’t just giving you hebrew to learn, we are showing you lots of ways to keep learning , regardless of what format it is. Our aim is for you to learn hebrew in lots of different ways as a language.


3. Question – Is there anything in Hebrew Language Guide that can help me out? I want to learn but getting in touch online with the creator of the site is difficult and I need to find out more information because I have some questions.

Answer – We like to get very interactive with our visitors, so we need all their feedback in knowing what we are doing right and knowing where to improve. Facebook and Twitter are a great way to let us know what else you are looking for. Plus we have our contact us section, which you can use to let us know what you need help on, or just for general feedback too.


4. Question – I tried all kinds of different ways of learning hebrew, everything from apps, to books, websites, everything else too. I need to find a new way of learning that is going to be effective in helping me remember my hebrew on a long term basis. Can Hebrew Language Guide help me with this?

Answer – We are always looking for new ways to keep our readers up to date and interested in new ways to learn. We want you to enjoy learning something new, which is why learning online is so popular, because it gives you different ways to do so, as opposed to just reading books or other mundane schemes which can draw you away from learning. We are experts in providing Hebrew for you as much as we are experts in learning something new. We format our website so that it is comprehensive but still intriguing enough to keep you interested.


5. Question –  I am really struggling with learning my grammar in my Ulpan classes. Even though they teach me lots of different ways and I have lots of information about it, I still find it difficult to understand. What do you have that can help me with this?

Answer – Hebrew is different from a lot of other languages. In hebrew , there is a system or a formula which can be applied in helping you understand the language more, but specifically the grammar. “Shoresh” is the key word to remember here. Grammar can be a tricky aspect to learn in most languages, but with Hebrew, its a difficult language to learn, to begin with. In order to make the most of what you are learning, we use different images and displays to help you along the way, plus we have a whole page just dedicated to Grammar,to help you find out more.