learn-2107924_960_720If you have ever traveled the world then you understand that power of speaking more than one language. However, you also likely know that learning a second language as an adult isn’t easy and requires a lot of time that you don’t have.


If you would love to learn a new language but don’t have the time for classes, below are some great ways for you to try.



Apps are going to be the best way for to you to learn in your own time. Simply because they utilize activities that you can put-down and then pick-up again easily This is a great learning tool format and one that works especially for language learning apps.


If you do use these apps, look for an app that can work offline. Many quality learning apps require a subscription and a constant network connection to operate, which could limit their use on the subway as you ride to work.


Listen to Music in a Different Language

Music is a great way to learn a new language and a technique that you can utilize while you are on that new treadmill you just picked up from the Groupon Coupons page for Bowflex. Make a small book of song lyrics that you can place on a treadmill or cycling machine to help you sing along.


When learning through music it’s important to realize that the context of the song may mean that the words are not directly translated. While this isn’t necessarily a negative aspect, it’s one that you should realize.


Join a Chat Group!

Just like you, there are many other people out there who would love the chance to speak with and learn from somebody who speaks their desired language naturally. There are numerous online services that can connect you with a native speaker of your target language who is happy to just chat in that language.


For example, if you spoke English and wanted to learn French, you could be connected with a native French speaker who you would chat with during the day in alternating languages.



When I was learning a second language I printed pages with nouns on them and placed them around my house. For example, front door, window, kitchen door, bed, wall, light switch, etc. As I opened the front door I would also say the word on the card. This turned out to be a great method to learn common nouns without really having to try. After a few times, memory kicks in and you realize you’re speaking another language.


If you really want to take this method further, consider printing up cards for items around your workplace or even for regular sentences that you commonly repeat.