Hebrew baby namesThe holy and Semitic Hebrew language is loaded with amazing sounds and letters that are pronounced in a different manner, therefore the non-native speakers finds it difficult to pronounce these letters easily. If you are a parent and have decided to choose a Hebrew baby name for your son or daughter, then it is advisable for you to understand the exact meaning and the way it need to be pronounced.

Most of the Hebrew baby names sound differently in English therefore it is essential that you learn the real representation of the Hebrew letters in the English language. The native speakers also get confused and might mispronounce the Hebrew name. For example the name Oshrit which is actually spelled as Shin, Aleph, Resh, Taph, Yud, but it is often mispronounced as Ashrit. This is because the letter heh in English language represents the alphabet H, but they do not pronounce it in every Hebrew name. Thus while calling Hebrew baby names in English it is very common for the non native parents or friends to get confused since two vowels are written together in Hebrew spelling. Some of them try writing it with apostrophe. Hebrew name holds deep meaning therefore it is essential to pronounce it without any grammatical or spelling error! There are a lot of Hebrew names for baby girls or Hebrew names for baby boys, in this list you can find both of them.

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List of Hebrew Names For Baby


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The Male (Boy) & Female (Girl) Baby Names listed here are from Hebrew Origin/Language/Culture. The Hebrew language belongs to Canaanite branch of the so-called Semitic family of Afroasiatic languages. It strongly resembles Aramaic and to a lesser extent the South-Central Arabic.

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