Fascinating languages such as Hebrew, Ladino and Yiddish are written with the help of free Hebrew fonts. The Hebrew language has rich history and is used for writing the Aramaic language which is extinct.

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The Hebrew font is different and written from right to left. The letters of Hebrew is represented as consonants. Three or more letters such as the YOD, VAV and ALEF, are used for representing long vowels. Short vowels are never marked but are allowed to be marked by using the small didactic marks known as points. ‘Cantillation marks’ which are small diacritic marks are used for liturgical Hebrew text in order to indicate musical motif and stress.

It is not necessary to pay more than a hundred dollars to buy a Hebrew word processor because the world’s best processor may already exist on your computer!

Want to download free Hebrew Fonts? Here are the installation instructions for fonts:

  1. Download the Hebrew font file to your PC.
  2. Unzip the compressed font ZIP file with your preferred zip utility.
  3. Go to the “Start” button, choose “Settings -> Control Panel”.
  4. Click the “Fonts” icon. Drag the font that you unzipped into the Fonts folder on your computer. If necessary, restart your computer. That’s it your font is ready to use!

Here are some Free Hebrew Fonts for download:

BibleWorks Fonts by BibleWorks LLC (download)
Hebrew font BibleWorks

Ezra SIL by SIL International (download)
free Hebrew font Ezra SIL

Baznat by David Kerkhoff (download)

free Hebrew font Baznat

HABBAKUK by Dry Heaves (download)

free Hebrew font HABBAKUK

Lost City by Dry Heaves (download)

free Hebrew font Lost City