Hebrew and ChristianityThe roots of Christianity can be found in the holy land of Israel, particularly in Bethlehem, Jerusalem. Here is where the story begins and where you can follow the footsteps on a journey which take you through the birth of Christianity and discover how it became such an important part of your beliefs. Learn from your faith that the history of what your beliefs are can come from a place that is part of the world today.

Hebrew comes in the format of an ancient language which is becoming more modernized and forever evolving into a newly born communication which is now the spoken language of Israel.

With Biblical Hebrew, this was used from the elements of the Bible, as Jesus applied it in blessings, using it as a courier to bring to the Christian faith a guide in the messages to bring strength to the birth of Christianity.

Hebrew and Christianity – How are they Connected

The Torah ( the first five books of the bible), which is the essence of Judaism is what the Jewish belief is focused on all year round as the cycle of life is based on their prayers  read, each and every day. For Christianity, the origins are established upon the belief that within Israel itself is where it began. Hebrew is used in the earliest formats of the bible in prayers, plus psalms from King David.

In Christianity the place of worship where we are most united to our belief is at the Church, where we are in touch with our most spirituality within ourselves. Israel is where we are most connected to the birth of Christianity. It is also, in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, where the story of Christianity begins. Intertwined amongst these two beliefs is the birth of Jesus which occurred in Bethlehem. Here it was where an acceptance was born amongst Christianity as we know it today.

The Hebrew Language being the representation of Judaism in written form, the language of Israel, with Christianity, being risen from this holy place, is what connects Hebrew and Christianity.

The Names for God  in Hebrew – Into English : What do they mean?


Transliteration Translation Hebrew
Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh I Am that I Am(Moses) אהיה אשר אהיה
Yah LORD/Hallelujah יהּ‎
Adonai Master ,Lord the Name(Masoretes) יְהֹוָה
HaShem The Name ה’
Adonai (My Lords /Owner) אדוני

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