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Here are some suggestions for schools which you can learn hebrew at outside of Israel, in the UK. Sometimes its a better option to learn a language outside of the native country as it gives you an idea of how a variety of people speak it , as opposed to hearing it just from the locals.

I.S.J.S , London

Conservative Yeshiva Summer ProgramThey offer to teach , as well as learning. It has a long history of success, and ranges from specialising in teaching , with unique training programmes, plus a huge range of up to 50 teachers, which allows your diversity in your learning plan.

Where: London, UK  Type: Courses and Events

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Immanuel College ,Herts,England

Holylang - Hebrew Studies Israel This is targeted to a younger audience, mostly focusing on students just before the entry stage of colleges and universities. It gives you the chance to expand your knowledge and polish up on existing skills. Ranging for ages 4-18, it allows the parents also the option of becoming involved of the next step of your son or daughters education

Where: Herts,UK  Type: Pre-College Courses

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S.O.A.S, London

Rothberg International SchoolMuch more intensive programmes are offered here, with BA in Hebrew studies and Israeli studies, combining these with other subjects. Well worth doing your research with this , as there are some other ideas available here, which are hard to find in other locations.

Where: London Type: University courses and Summer Schools

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London Language Studio, London London

Rothberg International SchoolHere you have the advantage of having one on one tutoring, making your lessons more personal, in order to meet your needs as a student. This learning format, makes it more effective when speeding up your learning , as it works for whichever pace you need, and gives a more direct way of learning, so that if you stumble upon some struggles, for example with grammar, then you have your own personal tutor to resolve these issues with.

Where: London Type: Courses

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Rothberg International SchoolThis has an amazing range of levels, offering something to every student wanting to learn. Regardless of what background, or previously gained knowledge, even if you are a beginner, this is an excellent choice as you can really advance in a methodic format , re-educating yourself in hebrew.

Where: London Type: Courses

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Ulpan in Israel - Ulpanim

Ulpan in Israel
Ulpan is an institute to learn Hebrew, you can find Ulpanim (the multi version of Ulpan) all over Israel. Most of Ulpanim will be located in Kibbutzim (Kibbutz). You can also find modern Ulpanim in places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.