The best way to learn Hebrew is by learning it in schools and courses in Israel. When you learn the Hebrew language in the holy land, you can get a lot of benefits besides.

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You can meet new friends, learn more about the Jews or Hebrew culture and more. Each day there are more students that decide to come to Israel and learn the Hebrew language. Most of the time they use Ulpan, but there are a lot of other programs.

On this page you can find all the information that you need about Hebrew language schools & courses, and find your next Ulpan or learning plan in Israel!

Schools for Hebrew:

Hebrew Schools in Israel

Hebrew Language Schools in Israel
On this page you can find all the Hebrew language schools that are open for students now in Israel. The contact info is posted for all of the schools, please contact them directly.


Hebrew Schools in the UK

Hebrew Language Schools in the UK
Here are some suggestions for schools which you can learn hebrew in the UK. Sometimes its a better option to learn a language outside of the native country as it gives you an idea of how a variety of people speak it , as opposed to hearing it just from the locals.

Hebrew Schools in the USA

Hebrew Language Schools in the USA
Sometimes it is a better option to learn a foreign language outside of the native country that it is from. It gives you the chance to learn it from a different angle, with more academic systems, and below are some options which offer a wide variety of educational systems.


Learn Hebrew in Ulpan:

Ulpan in Israel - Ulpanim

Ulpan in Israel
Ulpan is an institute to learn Hebrew, you can find Ulpanim (the multi version of Ulpan) in all over Israel. Most of Ulpanim will be located in Kibbutzim (Kibbutz). You can also find modern Ulpanim in places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.