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On this page you can find all the Hebrew language schools that are open for students now in Israel. The contact info is posted for all of the schools, please contact them directly. The Hebrew Language Guide website isn’t affiliate with any of the schools on this list.

Conservative Yeshiva Summer Program

Conservative Yeshiva Summer ProgramThe Conservative Yeshiva Summer Program offers the opportunity for intense Hebrew and Jewish text study in a dynamic learning community. The new Volunteer and Study program offers the opportunity of giving back to the Jerusalem community by volunteering with an Israeli non-profit organization, while also studying at the Yeshiva. Beginning and advanced students are welcome. Session I: July 1 – July 19 Session II: July 22 – August 9 (Sessions will not be repetitive).

Where: Jerusalem Type: Summer Plan

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Holylang – Hebrew Studies Israel

Holylang - Hebrew Studies IsraelThey provide intensive Hebrew Courses in Israel for all ages and all levels. The site includes dates of the terms, fees, and conditions to participate in the Holylang Hebrew Courses.

Where: Tel Aviv Type: Courses

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Rothberg International School

Rothberg International SchoolThis Division of Hebrew language Instruction offers courses for Hebrew University degree students, as well as for full-time visiting students at the Rothberg International School and for external students who wish to study only Hebrew. Students are placed into classes according to their Hebrew level and academic background.

Where: Jerusalem Type: Summer Programs, Courses

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Ulpan in Israel - Ulpanim

Ulpan in Israel
Ulpan is an institute to learn Hebrew, you can find Ulpanim (the multi version of Ulpan) all over Israel. Most of Ulpanim will be located in Kibbutzim (Kibbutz). You can also find modern Ulpanim in places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.