There are a lot of ways to learn Hebrew and to know more about the Hebrew language. In Hebrew Language Guide we decided to create for you a list of the top 15 pages/groups to join.

We don’t have any connection to the groups/pages in the list. We recommend joining these groups by clicking on the “like” page or “join” page. Learning Hebrew through the facebook pages are more interactive and fun way.

The Most Informative Facebook Pages and Groups to Learn Hebrew:

Logo Name Description Link
home I love Hebrew At eTeacher we enable you to learn the modern, spoken Hebrew that is the daily language of millions in Israel as well as Jewish people around the world. eTeacher offers courses for adults, with special classes for children age 7-17 as well.
home Ulpan Aviv The Ulpan Aviv facebook page with “word of the day” and many tips to leanr hebrew
home Ulpan-Or – Learn Hebrew Ulpan-Or: Learn Hebrew at the Speed of Light! Learn Hebrew in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or from the comfort of your own home.
home Hebrew Language Hebrew Language Guide Facebook page with updates from thre website and “word of the day” each day.
ConnecTLV Language Exchange Facebook ConnecTLV Language Exchange Every Tuesday night, ConnecTLV hosts a language exchange program at HaMaoz Bar on King George Street, Tel Aviv, Israel.
Hebrew for Christians Facebook Hebrew for Christians Study the Hebrew alphabet, vowels, and basic Hebrew pronunciation. Recite the most common Hebrew blessings and traditional Jewish prayers. A resource for Christians.
Israeli & Hebrew music Facebook Israeli & Hebrew music Many people are getting connected to Israel and it’s culture through the music. local musical scene is very rich and diverse, and here is the place for you to get to know the Israeli and the Hebrew music and fully recognize it.
Hebrew in Israel Facebook Hebrew in Israel This is an Israel based Hebrew and Torah page. Provide information on Hebrew and the Tanakh.
The Hebrew Center Facebook The Hebrew Center The Hebrew Center of Jerusalem is dedicated to promoting Hebrew literature, music and art from Israel and around the Jewish World.
Hebrew Word Of The Day Facebook Hebrew Word Of The Day Each day I will present another Hebrew words or sentences to help you increase your Hebrew vocabulary/ conversations.
Hebrew Facebook Hebrew Hebrew. Speak One Word a Day. Share the Hebrew Word with the World to bring Peace.
Classical Hebrew Facebook Classical Hebrew Holy Language Institute was founded on June 18, 2009 by Yisrael Avraham, a Messianic Jew with a rich connection to the soul of Biblical Hebrew and years of experience introducing believers to the beauties of the original tongue of the Holy Scriptures.
United with Hebrew Facebook United with Hebrew “Learning and Loving the Hebrew Language” – Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, if you LOVE Hebrew, this Page is for you. Please join United with Israel’s newest community – UNITED WITH HEBREW!
United with Hebrew Facebook Hebrew:Learn Free This group is for learning Hebrew, please keep your posts to subject of Hebrew. This means ministry posts are not allowed. This is not an advertise my ministry or one I like site!
United with Hebrew Facebook Learn Hebrew Online We’re an independent publisher of Hebrew learning materials