The Israel Army or Defense is fully equipped in defending the country from terrorists, rebel groups, and criminals. The dissemination of news regarding it can be found on several news websites. Some of these reliable news sites include the following:

Israeli Military News – Jerusalem Online

JOL Israel Military News
JOL focuses on news about military and politics. It distributes updates on military force advances, missions, and casualties, including international relations and political issues to users on a daily basis. The online publication also covers specific investigative stories that tackle terrorism and criminality for public awareness. In a nutshell, Jerusalem Online is a publication dedicated to the dissemination of news about Israel’s national and international affairs, may it be about crime, politics, economy, or terrorism.

Defense Update

Defense-Update logo
Defense Update focuses on providing the latest news about new army equipment, military aircraft, technologies, tactics, strategies, and more. News updates about the Israel Army or Israel Defense Forces are also posted here. In addition, it includes test drives and army drill videos.

IDFBLOG – Israel Defense Forces

IDFBLOG- Israel Defense Forces logo
IDFBLOG has its own website that mainly talks about the defense prowess of the country and the external threats it faces. IDFBLOG is mainly used to spread awareness about the intensity of the terrorism, crime, and lawlessness that is present and happening within the country and near its borders. The blog also talks about the advancement of the IDF on the virtual platform to counter cyber-attacks. In addition, this site is currently monitoring the movement of ISIS within the borders of Israel for the purpose of maintaining national security.

Israel Defense

Israel Defense logo
Israel Defence is similar to IDFBLOG as it also talks about new military weapons, offensive vehicles, and other equipment. Unlike IDFBLOG, though, the Israel Defense website is divided into different categories based on military sectors. These are air, naval, land, and intelligence. This website likewise reveals the loopholes and weaknesses within the military cyber platform, which can be vulnerable to terrorists and other threats. As well, Homeland security is a primary priority in this news platform. Their opinion page provides an accurate analysis of the military’s involvement in national and international affairs.


NDTV logo
is more extensive and has a wider scope of coverage in comparison to the other four news websites. It features viral videos relevant to Israel. It also includes news about the military affairs of other countries, particularly those that relate to conflicts between nations.  Similar to the other websites, NDTV is committed to making the public aware of the bombings, lawlessness, and terrorism threats, which may put the country in danger. Apart from this, the website has sections on entertainment, business, and lifestyle.

All of these news websites help promote and disseminate information about Israel, its military defense, and its goals in ensuring peace and security in the country. Each website has its own characteristics, boasts of its own strengths, and focuses on specific aspects of the country’s defense, which may be of interest to its readers.