Tech has been evolving and it will keep evolving with the passage of time. There is nothing that does not evolve technology and, in this digital technology, if there is something without tech, we are almost lost. Let us say that you have been on an expedition in a jungle with a bunch of friends and the only compass that you have is on your mobile and if your mobile’s battery is dead then it means no compass and that means you are lost for good. There are many less people in the world left that know how to see directions without any compass. Even the events of today needs tech even though any event is made with the audience but times have changed now and so has tech regarding events. If you are an event planner and looking for some shortcuts to get things done fast then we recommend that you keep reading a bit more because here, we will tell you about the event techs that are used by the best event management agency in Dubai and by the best event organizer in Dubai;

  • The first tech is AV and it is the abbreviation of Audio Video and these include speakers, amplifiers and all kinds of sounds systems. There was a time when singers used to come and sing for the event but now huge speakers with the best surround sound and the best bass. This is best to reach more audience in the event and that is why the best event planners make sure to get the biggest speakers and audio systems in the city.
  • The next tech is AR and it is the abbreviation of Augmented Reality. If you asked to set up an event for a mobile company and you have to make sure that all the people have access to the screens that have the best UI. There are different kinds of AR screens that are used to interact with the users as they use the mobile.
  • If you are asked to present a group of people that dance very preciously and you don’t have much of talented dancers, then you can use Hologram tech. in this tech, you can duplicate one person with many and it is so realistic that you will not be able to tell that which one is real.